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Kiley Paving Ltd. has been in operation since 1978. The company has grown to meet the demands of our customers and as well to meet strict requirements in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Kiley Paving remains a family business, committed to providing quality workmanship. Our company objective for every project is to be Safety Conscious... Goal oriented. We would be happy to discuss an upcoming construction project, whether it be in the private, commercial or municipal sector.

Kiley Paving Ltd. provides many other services in addition to paving.  We manufacture our own asphalt material, provide crushed limestone products, complete all phases for parking lot and roadway construction, excavation work, floating and rental equipment and grading.

Safety Record

Health and safety is our first priority. We are committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees, sub-contractors and the public.
Kiley puts an enhanced emphasis on worker training. We conduct annual safety meetings for all employees and specialized training for individual employees. At the beginning of a project and if an upcoming construction activity is to take place, supervisors will meet company employees and sub-contractors to discuss the particular activity to familiarize all workers involved and to discuss the possible hazards that could arise.Kiley Paving Ltd.requires that all staff commit to the standards set forth by the company that safety is a must and all individuals have the responsibility to work in a professional manner at all times and share the responsibility for health and safety.

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